Venetian Canal Window

Venetian canal window

Oil on canvas 36 x 28 inches approx

About the picture

Venice is the most beautiful place on earth. I loved my visits to this city.

Artist’s notes

This is one of many beautiful windows in a city where beauty lies around every corner, where very fine taste is designed into everything. The Rennaisance artists and architects had perfect taste.

There are also many fine churches, frescoes and of course the many views painted by Canaletto. I like Venice because its lack of roads and traffic has given it the chance to live as a city without being strangled by a million cars.

This window of course was in a residential house, where the owners had placed house plants on the window sill, and drawn their blinds. They also had a mooring post for their boat, as one does in Venice. Simply a fabulous city. Sadly as can be seen from the painting, the city is somewhat decaying, and the residents and government are in a constant battle with time, the elements and latterly global warming to preserve its magnificence.

Further Information

More information about the wonder that is Venice (opens a new browser window)

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