Spider Colour Wheel

Spider colour wheel

Oil on canvas 36 x 36 inches

About the picture

The colour wheel is important in art as it explains how colours are related – which colours to mix to get a given tone and how to create a new colour from other colours. For example yellow and blue makes green. Yellow and red makes orange.

Artist’s notes

The spider’s web is a fascinating non-geometric pattern in nature. It is also made of an elastic silk-like substance.

Fitting a colour wheel into a spider’s web made a certain amount of sense, since the circular spiral design of the web easily incorporates the different hues of colour.

The spider in the centre of the picture is the common and harmless European garden spider. These creatures fatten themselves in autumn to either lay their eggs and die, or survive quietly until the following spring. Spiders are of course one of mankind’s greatest friends, as they protect us from the insects which would otherwise feast on our crops.

Further Information

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