Hanseatic Gold Exhibition

I am very proud to have been a part of the Hanseatic Gold exhibition which takes place in the summer of 20121 in Riga, Latvia at the Riga Art Space.

The Riga Art Space

For the exhibition I painted a picture which I hope summarises the modern Hanseatic League: trade, technology, tradition, respect for history and common interest.

Hanseatic Gold
Hanseatic Gold – a celebration in art of the modern Hanseatic League

Elements of the painting include: a Claas tractor (made in Germany – a Hanseatic country) which represents agriculture, Business men and women, engineers, industrial robot, Hanseatic architecture, modern container ships, skyscraper based on a Swedish design, a bridge similar to the Denmark-Sweden bridge, a jetliner and a satellite. All the modernity of the current Hanseatic League!

Here I am talking about the Hanseatic League painting

The Hanseatic League was a trading league which began in medieval times and went on to dominate trade in the Baltic and Northern Europe until the late sixteenth century, with its own armies and laws. It left a legacy of great architecture and built prosperity in Northern Europe.

More details of the Hanseatic Gold exhibition can be found here and here.

Another East Yorkshire artist, Shirley Goodsell, entered a painting which is here.


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