All that glitters is not gold

East Riding Artists has organised an exhibition, titled ‘All that glitters is not gold’ in the beautiful Burton Constable Hall in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

My picture in this exhibition is a simple one, painted quickly. I thought I would have a laugh at the expense of crypto-currency. I have been cold-called on the telephone, approached on Facebook and spam emailed by people trying to sell me crypto-currency. Some of the telephone callers were difficult to dissuade and I had to be quite firm with them: no thanks I am not interested in crypto-currency!

I recently read an expert-written article in a respected British newspaper which pointed out that crypto-currency is only worth what people on the internet say it is. There is no regulated body which guarantees its value. It is unlike say a national currency which is backed up by the support of a central bank. Or a share certificate which is a share in a company backed by law and regulation. Or a government savings bond which is also backed by the government concerned.

Anyways make what you will of crypto-currency. My painting pokes fun at the whole phenomenon. There is a masked guy wearing a hooded top – who is he? Who knows. He certainly has a stake in crypto-currency! Meanwhile a graph shows the value of the various crypto-currencies going up and down in an unpredictable fashion. And of course a few glittering bitcoins are thrown in!


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