Tudor window at Oxborough Hall

Window and chimneys at Oxborough Hall, England

Window at Oxborough Hall, Norfolk.

Oil on canvas 38 x 28 inches

About the picture

I spotted this window whilst visiting Oxborough Hall and its form caught my attention.

Artist’s notes

Orange and blue are opposites so the orange bricks of the ornate chimneys seemed to contrast very well against the blue Norfolk summer sky. Sometimes beauty can be a simple thing.

As always I was attracted by the geometric shapes of the composition; this time the intricate chimney stonework, and the generally attractive architectural features. Notice how birds have made themselves a home above the window. The house was built for humans but birds and nature also share it with us. Many generations of people have looked out of the window. What did they see? What did it mean to them? The blue sky reflects in the window, maybe this represents and reminds us of the nature of human contemplation.

In case you are wondering why such ornate chimneys were built on these houses, the reason was to keep sparks away from the roof, which at the time would have been made of thatch, or straw.

Further Information

More information about Oxborough Hall (opens a new browser window)

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