Oxborough Hall Window

Oxborough Hall window

Oil on canvas 24 x 36 inches

About the picture

This beautiful old window sits just above the water at Oxborough Hall. I love these old English houses and my ambition is to visit them all.

Artist’s notes

I think the Catholic priest who once hid here, in a ‘priest hole’, must have looked out of this window with trepidation. If I remember rightly I managed to crawl into the said priest hole; it was difficult to get in and out of the tiny hidden room.

The hall was built in 1482 by the Catholic Bedingfeld family, who survived decades of religious persecution and great danger. The hall comes with over 500 years of history as each generation modified and enhanced it.

I painted another picture of Oxborough Hall here.

Further Information

More information about Oxborough Hall (opens a new browser window)

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