Medieval Oriel Window, Lincoln

Oriel Window - a beautiful medieval window in Lincoln, England.

Oriel Window, Lincoln

Oil on canvas 30 x 40 inches approx

About the picture

The Oriel window in Lincoln is very beautiful. It was taken from John of Gaunt’s Palace, Lincoln, and moved to its present position in 1849.

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Artist’s notes

One day I’ll do justice to it but this picture does not. Some people like it but it is not one of my favourites.

A fascination here are the three faces at the bottom of the window. Who are they? Why are they at the bottom of a very beautiful and ornate window? I think at least one of them was once a King. And beneath them is that an angel? I think there is significance to the order. The natural world at the top, the Kings in the middle and the angel at the bottom. I hope it is an angel and not a denizen of some other place…

What did the original owners of this window look out upon? Would they be able to make any sense of the world now? Would they look out of the window in awe or fear or simple puzzlement? Maybe all three. Maybe they would not look out of the window at all.

Further Information

More information about the majesty that was John of Gaunt’s Palace (opens a new browser window)

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