Neptune motif from medieval drawing

Neptune motif from Beverley Minster

Oil on canvas 24 x 18 inches

About the picture

This was part of an exhibition held at Beverley Minster. We were asked to paint pictures based on the stone carvings and drawings made by medieval craftsmen in the Minster.

Artist’s notes

I became fascinated by a drawing of a fish or gargoyle creature curled around an anchor, which was used by the craftsmen to design a stone carving.

I wonder what was the intention of the carving? What does it say? That through God or faith we are anchored? Or that we are the flesh on the anchor of God? Or that we are transient and fleeting like the fish?

Maybe the deep sea here also has meaning. Good or bad? The depths of God’s love for his children? Or the depths of our error? It’s all a matter of interpretation, via the sands of time. The original drawing was made about 700 years ago, so a lot of time has passed.

Further Information

More information about the very beautiful Beverley Minster (opens a new browser window)

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