Little Moreton Hall – Tudor Manor House

Little Moreton Hall

Oil on canvas 30 x 18 inches

About the picture

I adore visiting Little Moreton Hall, a perfectly preserved timber framed hall built in Cheshire between 1504 and 1610.

Artist’s notes

We see the familar stark black and white colours of the English timber framed house. We also see the fascinating patterns with which builders of this period adorned their houses.

I like paintnng windows and doors because they seem to offer a glimpe into an inner world. How many generations passed through these doors? What was in their hearts? Did they ever imagine us looking back at them through time? Who knows.

Another fact about this hall is that the formerly resident family, whose ancestors built it, abandoned it as time made it obsolete as a dwelling. Consequently for a while it suffered the ignominy of being used as a coal store. But now it is much loved as a sign pointing back to our past and our ancestors. We are of course the sum of our ancestry. Little Moreton Hall stands a a reminder of this.

Further Information

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