Little Moreton Hall in watercolor

Little Moreton Hall watercolour study

Little Moreton Hall watercolour study

Watercolour on paper 12 x 18 inches approx

About the picture

Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire is a beautiful timber framed house built between 1504 and 1610. It is one of my favourite places.

Artist’s notes

Again here I was attracted to the geometric shapes and patterns in the structure of the hall. Some of the patterns are functional, others decorative. The overall effect is one of great beauty.

Houses of this type and era were about expression of the status of the inhabitants. Architecture as a statement. There is also something English about the dour black and white colours of the building. I tried to capture the feeling that the building stands tall and proud in our modern world, a gift from the age that built it, proud and noble.

The hall is now in the care of the National Trust and guided tours are available.

Further Information

More information about the fascinating Little Moreton Hall (opens a new browser window)

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