Face in the Wall at Lord Byron’s residence

Face in the wall, Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, England.

Oil on canvas 34 x 40 inches

About the painting

This ‘face in the wall’ feature of Newstead Abbey caught my attention. I liked the attractive brickwork with the inset stonework of the face.

Artist’s notes

This 16th century mansion was built around the ruins of a medieval priory. The priory hosted visits from Edward I, Edward II and Edward III. More recently the mansion hosted visits from Dr Livingstone, Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edward VII and George V. It is however best known as the temporary residence of Lord Byron during the early years of his dazzling literary fame. His former apartments are open to the public.

In this structured abstract picture I tried to capture the notion that the human soul, represented by the face, is placed amidst the regularity of the material world, represented by the bricks.

Further Information

Much more can be leared here about Newstead Abbey (opens a new browser window)

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