Derbyshire Farm Window

Derbyshire farm barn in Derbyshire stone

Derbyshire farm window

Oil on canvas 20 x 36 inches approx

About the picture

I was fascinated by the Derbyshire stone from which this barn was built, which gave it a particularly pretty patterned appearance.

Artist’s notes

Derbyshire stone is very colourful don’t you think? A range of warm colours can be found in the stones in this picture, which give the work the appearance of an abstract pattern, with structure from the form of the building.

Sometimes I think that I am really an abstract painter interested in colour and line, and that I pick subjects because they have colour and line. Also there is an element of repetition in the work, which signifies the patterns and repetition of our lives.

The window here is dark and blue, which to me hints at a inner world invisible to the viewer but nonetheless tantalising. The cobwebs in the window suggest an errie emptiness. Who knows?

Further Information

Learn more about the Derbyshire Peak District (opens a new browser window)

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