Old Derbyshire Barn

Old Derbyshire Hay Barn

Oil on canvas 30 x 40 inches approx

About the picture

I found this old stone barn somehwere in Derbyshire years ago and liked the colors of the mosses on its stones, and how it seemed to have grown out of the land.

Artist’s notes

I have always been fascinated by the old stone buildings we have in England, which are hewn out of the land and seem to be a part of it.

This barn in particular was covered in a gree-blue moss which gave it a particularly beautiful tone. It also had a solidity and had stood there since 1721 according to its stone above the mantle. It nay have served as a hay store for all of that time, nourishing the farmer’s animals during the long cold English winters.

No doubt this barn is and has always been home to many creatures and serves as a small ecosystem for rodents, insects and a myriad of other species. In this sense the barn becomes a living and changing entity.

Further Information

To learn more about Derbyshire click here for the Peak District website (opens a new browser window)

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