Albert Einstein lino print

Albert Einstein

Linoleum print 10 x 8 inches

About the picture

Lino relief print is a great medium for portraits as the artist can simplify and take out what is not necessary.

Artist’s notes

With this portrait of Einstein I used the medium to focus on the weathered and warm features of Einstein’s face, which reveal his famously deep intellect and humanity.

Einstein was a man who had fled from persecution in the Europe of Hitler and Mussolini and was known for expressing his disappointment in the ethical development of humanity at that particuler time in history. There is something of that weariness in his eyes and I have endevoured to capture it.

This is more than anything a face of wisdom and great intelligence.

Einstein once said that there are only two things which are infinite: the Universe and human stupidity, and he was not sure about the former.

I read a great biography about him which you can find details of here.

Further Information

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