Art tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Beverley Minster Festival

Christmas trees in Beverley Minster

Beverley Minster has opened its 2022 Christmas Tree Festival – the first time this normally annual event has been held since the COVID pandemic began in 2020.

A variety of Christmas trees are on display from a variety of good causes.

Christmas trees at Beverley Minster

The Christmas trees add greatly to the already considerable beauty of the Minster.

Motor Neurone Disease Association Christmas tree

Many of the Christmas trees represent charities both national and local.

Secret Santa Christmas tree

Some of the Christmas trees are obviously aimed at younger visitors!

Macular Society Christmas tree

The Macular Society had a Christmas tree which brought me good cheer as I suffer from Macular Disease and it is therefore a subject close to my heart.

Longholm Sheltered Housing Christmas tree

Housing charities were also represented amidst the familiar statues and architecture of the Minister.

The late Prince Philip by Sandra Hood

A couple of tiled paintings were on display of the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip by artist Sandra Hood. The paintings were interesting and featured good likenesses of the recently departed Royal couple.

The late Queen Elizabeth by Sandra Hood

The painting of Queen Elizabeth reminds us that her sad death marks the end of an era in British history and perhaps the final step in the passing of a way of life. She was also one of the dwindling number of living witnesses to the Second World War, a formative period in British history.

Beverley Minster

Finally I could not resist a picture of the West door of Beverley Minster. It is a particularly fine feature of a crowning glory of British medieval architecture.

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