Artwaves 2022 art exhibition in Bridlington

Artwaves 2022 Art Exhibition at Bridlington Spa

November 2022 saw the return of the Bridlington Artwaves festival to the Bridlington Spa. The Spa is always worth a visit especially if it is full of art.

The art on display tended to be figurative with landscapes featuring strongly as one might expect in this picturesque part of the world. Seascapes were particularly featured and also a few windmills of the towering variety.

Sculptures featured here and there such as the one in the foreground above.

My own piece ‘Buy Crypto’ featured in the exhibition and was placed alongside a picture of the late Queen in the café area of the exhibition. Quite a juxtaposition.

After viewing the works I ventured outdoors into the wind and walked around the attractive harbour area. I found this public work of art which pays tribute to the women who nurtured their seafaring husbands, brothers and sons by knitting them clothing to resist the often fierce weather of the North Sea.

Despite all of the problems facing the fishing industry is is always nice to see some local fishing boats in Bridlington harbour.

After all of the art, wind and full tide, I retired to the SALT restaurant for the traditional Bridlington fish and chips.


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