Giant squid terrorises Beverley

Giant squid terrorises Beverley, England

I was lucky to recently serve as a volunteer at the Beverley Puppet Festival. This event, back at last after the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic, entertains a wide variety of people through many generations.

Giant squid terrorises Beverley

The festival featured shows in venues such as the local East Riding Theatre and also open air displays such as the giant squid seen above. Many people watched this fascinating puppet with its seven person crew.

A bee eating bird puppet at Beverley Puppet Festival

One of the wonderful things about a festival of independent puppeteers is that we see non-standard, non cookie cutter entertainment. The show above featured dancing birds and some fine playing on a cittern.

Is that a silver gilded queen emu there?

In the Flemingate shopping centre I chanced upon a silver gilded queen emu. I think!

A lonely hedgehog in need of a hug

Back in the East Riding Theatre I watched a show about a lonely hedgehog which yearned for a good hug. A succession of his neighbours could not help: a fox who found him prickly, a wise owl, a couple of rats and a crooked magpie. In the end a friendly turtle gave him a hug.

Sustainable electric powered flamingos

Finally there were some electric powered flamingos. I don’t think they were Teslas, but they entertained.

Thanks to all of the puppeteers who provided a great weekend of entertainment!

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