New phrase in the English language: yarn bombing

Yarn bombed post box

It is rare to be present when a new phrase is added to the English language but I was the other day.

The new phrase is ‘yarn bombing’ and it involves the vandalisation of public buildings and utilities. Below is an example of a recently vandalised post box in Beverley. Note that someone has fitted a knitted item onto the top of the post box, which is to say they have yarn bombed it.

The item added atop the post box appears to be a completely inappropriate green cover with ducks, swans and geese perched on top of it.

Yarn-bombed postbox in Beverley

Isn’t it wonderful!! Do we have a new knitting version of Banksy in East Yorkshire? A renegade who has swapped stencils and spray paint for knitting needles and patterns? We await future works with baited breath.

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